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The Me Time project Posted on 31 Jul 2020

The Me Time project, funded by Welsh Government, will be run from August to March 2021 every week based around carer’s wellbeing and mental health support. Some of our opening sessions include mindfulness, story-telling, yoga and hints and tips for coming out of lockdown. We are being guided by carers to what type of sessions to put on and we will be evolve the program as we work alongside carers to give them the best possible experience.

These sessions will allow unpaid carers in Wales to join us in a safe environment and have some time to themselves.

We will also be continuing with our weekly Care for a Cuppa sessions where carers are invited to join us for a chat with other carers and to hear from organisations across Wales in the way they support carers and their loved ones. If you organisation would like to speak, please reply to this email.

The Me Time sessions will change every week, so please keep checking what’s new and there will be at least 2 a week at different times throughout the day, evening and weekend.  The Care for a Cuppa sessions are advertised 2 months in advance.

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