Child Surveillance/Immunisation Clinics

Appointments only (for times see Consulting Hours).

Cervical Smears

These are performed by our practice nurses daily by appointment and are carried out every three years. This is an important screening service – please do not ignore your reminders.

If you wish to be excluded from the National Cervical Screening programme, please write to North Wales Health Authority, Preswylfa, Hendy Road, Mold, CH7 1PZ.

Emergency Contraception

If emergency contraceptive advice is required, an appointment can be given that day with a nurse, if a doctor is unavailable. This is a most confidential service – the receptionists will be helpful and understanding. Alternatively, a pharmacist will be able to advise.

Minor Operations

See the doctor for assessment first.

Travel Advice And Vaccination

Please arrange an appointment with one of the practice nurses for travel advice well in advance of any foreign travel so that your requirements can be assessed. Some vaccine schedules can be complex and need to be planned at least eight weeks prior to departure in order to receive the optimum disease protection.

Safe travel advice is important so try to plan ahead. Last minute holiday travel bookings do not constitute an emergency and can put an unnecessary strain on a busy practice when free appointments are limited. If immediate help cannot be given at the surgery, details regarding the nearest private travel clinic can be provided. Victoria Surgery is the local Yellow Fever Centre.

Please note: there will be a charge for some vaccinations that are not available on the National Health Service.

Smoking Cessation

We have a dedicated Smoking Cessation Advisor who can arrange free nicotine replacement therapies (patches, gum etc) and can also offer one to one counselling support. Please ask for details at reception.

Influenza Clinics

Annual influenza vaccinations usually take place during the month of October. Those patients who are within an "at risk" group will receive an invitation by post. You may also ring for an appointment for one of the sessions. If you believe that you should receive a vaccination please enquire at reception. If you belong to an "at risk" category, and you do not wish to have the vaccination please inform reception staff.

Pneumonia Vaccinations

The Chief Medical Officer recommends that all patients aged 65 and over, as well as those in "at risk" groups, should be vaccinated against pneumococcal disease. This vaccination is a single injection which can be given at any time of the year.

You only need one injection; it is not given annually like a flu vaccination. Ask for details at reception.

Review Clinics

Our practice holds annual review clinics for those with asthma, heart disease, chronic airways disease and diabetes.

The nurses provide an important service to you by monitoring your condition annually and addressing possible changes to your needs.

You will be invited to the clinic by letter and may be required to have blood and urine tests prior to your appointment.

Should you not wish to attend a clinic, then please write to your doctor so that this wish can be recorded.

Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 01407 762713.